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Phera was Created with You in Mind.

A modern take on traditional Indian and South Asian fashion, at reasonable prices, with seamless delivery and quality you can count on.

We wanted to make it easy to shop for South Asian clothes from anywhere in the world and celebrate our incredible cultures. Born and raised in the heart of Mumbai, our founders have a pulse on the latest trends and the infrastructure to cut out the middlemen and get you great quality for an affordable price.

We believe giving back begins right in our workshop.

Phera means the circles one takes around the sacred fire in Hindu weddings. It means promises made between the couple to love and cherish each other for years to come. For us Phera is a symbol of love, commitment and tradition.

Fair Wages

We believe in paying our staff fair wages and providing great working conditions so they can produce beautiful outfits for you.

Educational Support

We help our staff and provide educational support for their children.

Your Purchase

Your purchase makes a difference. It allows us to support incredible craftsman and their families.

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