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Top 5 Stunning Bridesmaids Outfit ideas for the wedding 2024

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South-Asian weddings are synonymous with pomp and glamor. These multiple-day celebrations are joyous, colorful, and vibrant, and full of tradition; and the wedding outfits greatly reflect this spirit.

If you are looking to marry tradition with a modern touch, or get your hands on something just simple and classic, here are our 5 best options for your bridesmaids outfits that can get you through this wedding season fuss free!

The Authentic ethnic wear

For those who’d like to embrace the purity of the deep-rooted desi culture through their bridesmaids outfits.

Sarees are a great way to stand out as bridesmaids without outshining the bride. Another unique styling option is to go for a cream-colored or an off-white traditional fit, the muted hue and gorgeous detailing of which amazingly complements the red or pink that the bride may be wearing. 

Phera’s adorable Midnight Cocktail Lehenga dress or The Girl in the Mirror sharara set are great options for stunning bridesmaid dresses in soft shades with patterns made in gold and silver.

For a subtle themed daytime outdoor wedding, pick our Jacket Collar kurta that is so phenomenal and elegant you’re bound to make a statement with this one.

Traditional with a western touch:

Our inspiration for this category are brides who prefer a more conventional bridesmaids outfit for their squad, but with a hint of the west. 

Phera has always produced and encouraged trendsetting bridesmaids outfits that raise the bar for new looks to come, just like our superb Blush Pink Lehenga set or our very versatile Mint Green Sharara set.

At Phera, we are all for versatile bridesmaids outfits and separates that can be styled differently and worn for several different occasions.

It goes without saying that the saree is always a great choice for your bridesmaids outfits. Very little compares to the elegance and sophistication of the saree. 

Our best pick for you would be our bridesmaids saree ‘Simran’ which has a traditional design in a variety of mesmerizing colors, the perfect choice for your bridesmaids outfits. 

Conventional meets modern:

These styles are the perfect harmonious blend of tradition and new-age fashion that make your style unique and gorgeous! 

These unique bridesmaids outfit ideas are an interesting amalgamation of the best of both cultures. For an exceptionally classy and elegant look, our best picks for you are our Organza kurta and The Twirling Confetti Lehenga set. 

These outfits are made with organza, a luxurious rich fabric which drapes beautifully as a kurta, a dupatta, or a saree. Your bridesmaids will certainly set a new trend in 2024 for South-Asian weddings to follow.

Progressive, but ceremonial:

For bridesmaids outfits that have a flair for modern, edgy fashion but also want to keep it mildly traditional and festive. 

These bridesmaids outfits are predominantly western with a bit of a conventional spark. Our Hibiscus Champagne Lehenga set or Out of the Box Sharara set are both great options since these sets have a modern flair with a hint of tradition. These choices are modern with a subtle traditional feel. 

The flared champagne-colored lehenga with gold embroidery features a flirty slit, perfect for bridesmaids to add that extra edge! The white flowy sharara is such a timeless classic, a unique, multi-purpose addition to your wardrobe.

Both the outfits have very versatile tops that you can pair with palazzos, pants, or skirts for any occasion.

Uniquely contemporary:

Styles and designs that may look very western at first, but seamlessly blend into a more traditional south asian wedding. 

Our floral lehenga with a solid white top, or our plain skirt with a floral top are incredible choices for a bridesmaids look. 

By itself, the floral design and satin skirt are very western, but with some ethnic accessorizing, hair & makeup, and shoes, they can make a superb bridesmaids outfit. 

A remarkable fact about these sets is that you can totally pull them off at a western wedding! Wear it as a set or as separates. Wear one of these stylish tops with pants or a skirt of any other color, and you have a fresh look ready!

We are here for all your bridesmaids outfit needs and to help you take the stress out of outfit planning for your bridal party! So, get ready to turn heads at your next event with your choice of stylish and captivating bridesmaid lehengas and sarees.

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